Occupational Therapy is an allied health science dealing with both physically and mentally ill clients. Occupational therapy uses the day to day activities of work, self-care, leisure and play to enhance development of skills and possibilities. It may include adapting the work or environment as per the present abilities of the client, to achieve maximum independence and to enhance the quality of life.

OT Department

The department is equipped with sophisticated occupational therapy equipment. The Occupational Therapy Department provides treatment & rehabilitation to the persons with neuromuscular disorders. Occupational Therapy is intended to restore physical functions in daily living activities, development of work tolerance & maintenance of special skills.

The patients who suffer from Cerebral palsy, spinal cord and nerve injuries, and all type of arthritis are assessed, evaluated and treated in this unit by using various therapeutic activities and equipment to improve or restore functional capabilities.

Following equipments are available in the department for upper extremities training and stimulating activities :

Sanding Apparatuses are available in different forms and are used for the treatment of cases like adult cerebral palsy clients, paralytic or weak upper limbs, The above apparatus is also used to develop performance areas i.e. range of motion, muscle power, tone, coordination and functional abilities in the upper limbs.

Pegboards / Hand Therapy apparatuses are available in different shapes, sizes, weights, colours and sets with different parameters used for comprehensive functional testing and therapy for hand dysfunctions. Shoulder Wheel is used to improve range of motion, muscle power, tone, co-ordination, and other functional aspects of upper limb.

Finger ladder, Pronation Supination Machine are helpful in mobilization of forearms, wrist and hand joints.

Wrist roller – for improving wrist & hand function.

Flexi hand exerciser & Color graded theraputty – for improving strength of small hand & finger muscles.

Aim and objectives of occupational therapy unit.

1. To improve client care.

2. To provide systematic procedure for delivering of therapy care.

3. To improve quality of care.

4. To enhance positive therapy outcome.

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